Overview of graphics.- graphics

Computer graphics tells us that what are the actual working of graphics. In computer graphics we are going to learn various topics such as various graphics function, Application, Algorithms of computer graphics.   Computer Graphics Computer graphics tells us that what are the actual working of graphics. Computer Graphics remains one of the most existing […]

C program- Program coding 1

Program coding 1 Q1. Write a program in c to print “first program in c”.

printf function is for print or display any message in C programming language. Output is :-  first program in c   Q2. Write a program in c to find the greater number among four number. Using ternary operator.


C tutorial-factorial program in C language

To find the factorial of any number in C programming language . What is Factorial number ? Ans- In mathematics, the factorial of a non-negative integer n, denoted by n!, is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n. For example, {\displaystyle 5!=5\times 4\times 3\times 2\times 1=120.\ } The value of […]

Differences between C & C++

10 Major Differences Between C And C++ C++, as the name suggests, is a superset of C. As a matter of fact, C++ can run most of C code while C cannot run C++ code. Here are the 10 major differences between C++ & C…   1.  C follows the procedural programming paradigm while C++ […]

Why Is A CD/DVD Normally Filled In An Inside-Out Fashion?

If you are familiar with optical media like CDs, DVDs, and Bluray discs, you might’ve noticed that they are filling in an inside-out fashion. This is done to make the optical disc writers compatible with different disc sizes. Dual-layer DVDs are burned in an outside-in fashion which improves the reading speed of the writer. I think […]

How To Use Blue Light Filter In Windows 10 And Save Your Eyes From Strain

Blue Light Filter In Windows 10   :- Microsoft has added blue light filter option in its Windows 10 operating system. This feature was added in Windows 10 Build 15002. To use this option, you need to go to the display settings and look for the Blue light setting. Here, you get the choice to […]

How To Recover Deleted Contacts From Android Phone

Did you ever face a problem of losing your contacts from your Android phone? Ahh…it really gets me when I accidentally delete or lose phone number of my colleague or friends. I put all the blame to my phone for that even if it’s my fault and I guess most of you also do the […]

What’s the Difference Between FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS?

Whether you’re formatting an internal drive, external drive, USB flash drive, or SD card, Windows will give you the choice of NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT. The Format dialog in Windows doesn’t explain the difference, so we will.   FAT32 is an older file system that’s largely relegated to USB flash drives and other external drives. Windows […]